born in 2012

About Ooloula

Ooloula stands for a special journey in life. Think of a goal you have achieved for which you had to do a lot, a beautiful world trip or a period in your life that has been very important to you. And how nice is it to be able to wear this "journey" on your wrist forever? That's what Ooloula stands for.

Handmade, for life.

Handmade for life

Introducing our handcrafted jewelry line, born in 2012. Each piece is meticulously made by hand, reflecting our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship.

The silver used in our designs is handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia. Skilled artisans in Bali create the silver components with precision and care. These components are then expertly assembled by hand in the Netherlands to form stunning bracelets. Every bracelet is crafted with immense value and attention, tailored specifically for its new owner.

We believe in the value of personalized jewelry, where each piece tells a unique story. Embrace the beauty of our handcrafted collection, designed to captivate hearts and celebrate a certain journey in life.